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Dining Options at Rockhill

Choice of Fine Dining in The Stewart Dining Room or Casual Dining in the Church Bar & Restaurant.

A Memorable Occasion

Rockhill House has a number of ideal spaces to suit varying group sizes and styles of celebration or gathering. Whether you are planning an intimate family gathering, a lavish evening banquet, or a VIP business lunch, we'll create an atmosphere befitting the occasion and provide the hospitality and service that will ensure your event is a success that lives on in great memories for you and your guests. Menus and drinks can be tailored to your requirements, and we can arrange suitable entertainment and activities upon request.


Stewart Dining Room 

Join us in the historic Stewart Dining Room with its original features and twinkling golden ambiance – for a formal dinner in grand yet convivial surroundings. Enjoy our chef’s selection of stylish yet unaffected dishes, inspired by tradition and prepared with care and flair.


The Library Room

Or, a cosy, intimate corner of the Library Room might better suit your mood and the occasion. With its plush, solid chairs; thick mahogany shelves full of books; and all the history of the house and town gazing out from archive prints on gilded walls, it’s a comfortable and refined niche in which to enjoy a relaxed repast.


Sliabh League Room – Private Dining

Perhaps you might wish to arrange private dining in the graceful Sliabh League Room. Light, airy and luxe, with great windows looking on to the fountain and formal gardens, this is the perfect place to gather for a group celebration that’s all to yourselves. Sitting around the grand refectory table on heavy carved chairs you’ll enjoy the luxury of having your own dedicated team looking after you, and you’ll savour menus that have been tailored to suit your event and company.


The Orangerie

Downstairs, the Orangerie provides a stunning setting for residents to enjoy relaxed and informal dining and perhaps some sociable sipping! It’s an epic ballroom space, with real warmth as well as grandeur – and an atmosphere of excitement and wonder enhanced by the tall, wide space overhead that gives the light and air room to dance; and by the outdoors-indoors illusion of all the shining glass that beckons in an infinite ceiling of stars. Choose from the chef’s delicious and innovative menu.


Rockhill Cheese Cellar

We can also organise Irish Farmhouse cheese and wine tasting for you in the coolness and stillness of our atmospheric Rockhill Cheese Cellar. This has been a highlight for many of our guests.

Stepping in to the Cheese Cellar at Rockhill, you’ll first be surprised by the dramatic change in the air about your face. There’s a special genius in the centuries-old building design when one room can feel so utterly different to all the others. Cross the threshold and you move from warmth and gently circulating zephyrs into stillness and chill – you’ll have to catch your breath! Next, it’s a feast for all the senses – the distinct aromas, the textures, the smooth and rugged forms of Ireland’s most varied, natural produce. You’ll taste and discover the rich story of Irish artisan cheese making – you’ll appreciate individual makers’ dedication and see their places and personalities coming through in the distinct flavours and styles of what they create. You’ll come to understand the incredible influence of the Donegal landscape and climate on our food – the salt of the Wild Atlantic swept to shore… soft rains on sheltered coves… the warm Gulf Stream coaxing lush growth from rich soils to the north… sweet, bog filtered water… hard, high, herb-speckled mountains shielding great green valleys and the dairy herds that graze in them… fresh, deep lakes and pure crashing seas. And what are the results of all that when it comes to cheeses? You’ll soon see – your tastebuds are certainly in for a smoky, creamy, nutty, aromatic treat…

The Church Restaurant

The Church Bar & Restaurant is located in the much loved restored Bar & Church building dating back to the early days of the Irish Army’s presence on the estate grounds of Rockhill House.. Situated in its own garden space overlooking parkland and only a short stroll from the house, the space comprises a relaxed bar & restaurant with blazing fires, a south facing covered terrace opening into a developing new garden. The Church is the perfect location for family & friends to come together and enjoy Donegal’s tastiest food in a casual relaxed dining experience right throughout the year.