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Milestone Birthdays

Rockhill House is the perfect place to mark a big birthday in suitable style!

We know that age is just a number, but if there’s a zero at the end of it you’ve got to give it a proper fanfare! Why not make it momentous with a celebration in the special surroundings of Rockhill?

Rockhill is an excellent location – tucked in the hills but extremely convenient to Donegal’s largest town and easily accessible from Britain and beyond via Donegal Airport, Derry Airport, Ireland West and Belfast.

You’ll be in the best of hands with our expert events team, who will be tireless in their efforts to ensure that - from idea to realization – your celebration is everything you’d hoped for.

Get in touch to find out more about celebrations at Rockhill, or to arrange a visit.


Have your cake and eat it, too, at the hottest new venue in the Coolest Place on Earth – Donegal!

There are so many sumptuous spaces for celebrating in here at Rockhill House – and with exclusive use you can handpick the setting (or settings!) for your milestone celebration that will perfectly suit your style, your numbers and your inspired ideas!

Consider these...

…And when the day is done, you and your guests can enjoy a contented night’s sleep in one of Rockhill’s 19 beautiful bedrooms.

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