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Facial Treatments

The Wellhouse's selection of facials combine proven massage techniques with the power of natural botanicals and produce to clense, renew and relax.

All of our treatments include 90 minutes access to the Thermotherapy Suite at The Wellhouse including hydrotherapy pool, aromatic steam room, Finnish and infra-red saunas, experience showers, outdoor whirlpool tubs, bucket shower, Bothy and relaxation areas. 

Crystal Angelica - Cleanse

A unique facial sculpting facial delivered with a combination of macerated oils and using ghu sha crystal tools to help drain lymphatic and reduce puffyness and ageing skin. This treatment includes a Angelica facial mask to purify the skin and reignite radiance.

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Fields of Gold - Renew

Feel like you exited a golden temple with this anti-ageing and nourishing facial. combinng uplifting facial massage techniques combined with 24kt gold facial serum. Natural indigenous remedies of carageen and barley maintain the probiome of the skin and intensely nourish to add plumpness and vitality back and leave a radiant glow. 

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Rockhill Signature Facial - Uplift

More of an experience than a mere facial. this facial using pure curated oils and botanicals is a nod to all the previous ladies of Rockhill, from a druid inspired peat mud mask to refine the skin to the luxurious moisturiser rich in elegant floral notes and therapeutics derived from the flowers found on the lady's walk.

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