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Engagement & Honeymoons

The home of romance

Rockhill is the perfect place to experience and relish the essence of life’s most meaningful moments. The sense of place – that feeling in the air; the space about your head; the beauty each way you turn; the warmth and the refinement – this is where you want to be and to bask in the romance of a landmark time in your history.


There could be no more romantic setting for a most memorable proposal than Rockhill.

Wander hand in hand through the elegant gardens. Get lost in the wonder of the woodlands. Ease back in the comfort and luxury of your uniquesly beautiful bedroom – run a fragrant bath, sink in to lush pillows, spread out and enjoy being together, relaxed and indulged in an inspiring environment. Float down to the Stewart Dining Room  for a truly special candlelit dinner. 

Then, later… The Temple creates the ideal atmosphere for asking the question and saying the words that willsound their magic through your lifetimes. Its clear view down the hillside and into the vast horizon seems apt, as a whole new world opens up to the both of you; and the Temple’s starry canopy, echoing the celestial sweep, speaks of dreams come true.

We can assist you both in arranging things just as you imagine them – with twinkling candles, sparkling Champagne, flowers, even music. Bring us all your special and distinct ideas and we will create your perfect atmosphere – and put everything in place for an amazing day and night that you will treasure for all time.


Breathtaking beginnings… Happy days as new adventures lie ahead… Your heart will thank you a thousand times over when decide to mark the start of your lives together by whisking yourselves off to wonderful Rockhill House.

This fairytale Country Manor Estate has a long romantic history – a Georgian idyll formed in the imaginations of the adoring couple that were John Vandeleur Stewart and Lady Helen Graham-Toler, it really is the house that love built and has stood as witness to centuries of romance. Rockhill is “grá agus gean” (Gaeilge for “love and affection”) to its core – you can see it at every aspect; in every facet, from the beauty of the Donegal landscape it gazes out on; to the dreaming statues; heartful cuisine and the artful consideration in every detail in every room. And now you and your story take your place here. Your honeymoon at Rockhill will be an unforgettable adventure – filled with as many amazing moments as you can imagine, whether you’re throwing yourself into estate actvities such as foraging, cheese making and wildlife walks, or setting out on an offsite adventure to discover the hills of Donegal or dive for buried treasure off our spectacular coast. The relaxing moments spent enjoying Rockhill’s great indoors are sure to be some of the most memorable of your honeymoon – with candlelit dinners in the Stewart Dining Room, cheese and wine tastings, restorative yoga sessions, cosy fireside drinks, long lie-ins in your luxurious and inspiring suite, and more and more…


Your Wedding Venue

You really put your heart and soul into your wedding day. Every  aspect has  meaning for you both – every moment is a lifelong treasure. When you are considering a wedding venue, your final choice needs to be a place that chimes with every note of what’s dearest to you. Rockhill House resonates with the heart – every nook has been designed and created with care for your enjoyment, comfort and appreciation. Every member of staff is here to think of you and to care after your contentment. Each resplendent event space has been laid out with consideration for how you might intervene to make it the stage for a celebration that is 100 per cent you. The place is yours and yours only for the duration and you will make yourself truly at home amid the Spirit of Place.


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