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The Wellhoue Blog: Prepare for Bliss

- Posted on: 17/05/2024 -


A massage at The Wellhouse is an invitation to unwind, to release tension, and to emerge revitalised in both body and spirit. To ensure you derive the utmost benefit from your luxurious spa experience, here are a few simple tips to prepare for your massage and enhance your sense of tranquillity.

Before Your Massage

  • Indulge in the Thermotherapy Suite: Guests who have booked a massage (or any spa treatment are invited to arrive 90 minutes prior to their treatment to enjoy our Thermotherapy Suite. Immerse yourself in the rejuvenating warmth of our Thermotherapy Suite, featuring a Hydrotherapy Pool, Aromatic Steam Room, traditional Finnish Sauna, Infrared Sauna, Experience Showers, Outdoor Whirlpool Tubs, and a Bucket Shower. Relax by the Bothy Bar or simply find a tranquil corner for quiet reflection.
  • Time for Tranquillity: Taking time to indulge in the Thermotherapy Suite isn’t always possible - or just part of your pathway. But arrive at The Wellhouse at least 15 minutes before your treatment time. This allows you to complete a spa consultation form, familiarise yourself with our surroundings, enjoy our aroma of the month in the Aroma Lab and discuss your goals for the massage with our experienced therapists.
  • Hydration is Key: In the days leading up to your massage, and especially on the day itself, drink plenty of water. Well-hydrated muscles respond better to massage techniques, maximising relaxation and comfort.
  • Light and Nourishing Meals: Enjoy a light, easily digestible meal or snack at least an hour before your appointment. This prevents any discomfort during the massage.


During Your Massage

  • Breathe Deeply: Focus on your breath, allowing it to be slow and rhythmic. Deep breathing amplifies the relaxation response and releases tension throughout the body.
  • Release Your Thoughts: Allow your mind to quiet as your therapist begins. Focus on the sensations within your body, letting go of everyday concerns.
  • Comfort is Paramount: Never hesitate to express any need for adjustments. Whether it's the room temperature, pressure, or focus areas, your comfort is our utmost priority.

After Your Massage

  • Gentle Re-entry: Take a few moments to linger in the post-massage bliss. Slowly rise, and allow yourself time to fully reawaken your senses.
  • Take more time: Every treatment at The Wellhouse post treatment access to our exclusive Tranquillity Lounge - with its snuggly sofas and armchairs and wide selection of complimentary herbal tea to choose from. The perfect place to extend your bliss.
  • Stay Hydrated: Continue to drink plenty of water throughout the day. This aids in flushing out toxins released during the massage and prolongs the benefits of your treatment.
  • Reflection and Relaxation: Schedule time for rest or gentle activities post-massage. Honour your body's need for rejuvenation, and savour the lingering sense of peace and well-being.
  • Book your next appointment: Generally, we recommend a message every month. It is always best to book early so we can try to ensure your regular slot is available.

Ready to experience the deeply restorative massage treatments and unparalleled tranquillity of The Wellhouse? Book your appointment today, and discover the path to renewed vitality.